VUE Good

Toxic trends and unhealthy habits have created a global crisis. It’s time to make the health of our people and planet a priority. No excuses. The VUE foundation was started to champion the change for healthier futures through investments that will strengthen our earth, our minds and our bodies. 

97% of Americans live an unhealthy lifestyle
72% of Americans are overweight
40% of Americans are obese

The VUE Foundation's 3 core causes:

  • Nurturing the Earth

    We invest in clean water initiatives and non-profits that support environmental efforts to ensure our planet is healthy for generations to come.

  • Advocating for Wellness

    We believe everyone should have access to resources that will help improve their overall wellness, especially those that support kids and young women.

  • Promoting Physical Fitness

    We're committed to supporting fitness initiatives, as well as sponsoring enrichment activities in underserved communities.