Do the products have caffeine or sugar?

All of our products have no added sugar to them, any sugar in VUE brands comes directly from the raw ingredient itself, such as fruit in our teas.  The same goes for caffeine, there is no added caffeine in our products but some teas and ingredients have natural caffeine in them.

What’s the difference between the ingredients in VUE and a typical energy drink? Which is healthier?

VUE products are made from all natural ingredients, with no added sugars, no sugar alcohols, and no preservatives.  Therefore providing consumers clean natural energy. 

What is the suggested retail price for each product?

Vitamin Teas $3.99, Powder Packs $1.30, Protein Whoopie Sandwiches $2.99

Are the products only available in the U.S.?

At the moment, yes.

Are there any future flavors planned for each product?

Yes, stay tuned!

What are the ingredients of each product?

All of our ingredients are listed on each product nutritional panel, you can also find them on each product page on the website!

Do I drink the tea hot or cold?

Our teas are recommended cold, but you can enjoy at any temperature including hot.

Can the tea be mixed with alcohol?

As we are a healthy lifestyle brand we don't recommend it, but yes our teas can be mixed with alcohol.

What are the sizes of each product?

Vitamin Teas 16oz, Powder Packs 3.5-4g

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, 100% including cap which is made from recycled aluminum.

Can children consume the products?

We recommend children avoid our teas, energy and electrolyte powder packets.  Our Daily Boost Powder Packets are safe for people of all ages to enjoy!

What are the health benefits of each product?

Each one of our products have unique health benefits in each.  Many of our products are packed with vitamins and nutrients.  I invite you to search our product page to learn about the benefits each product offers.

Are VUE products OK if you are pregnant or nursing?

If you are pregnant or nursing, AWESOME! However, VUE drink products (Teas and Powder Packs) are not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

How many calories per serving are there in VUE versus a typical CSD or serving of an energy drink?

Please refer to our nutritional facts panels for each product.

How much of each product can be consumed on a daily basis?

The FDA has cited the recommended amount of caffeine per day should not exceed 400mg. 

When is the ideal time a person should consume each product?

Consumers can enjoy VUE products whichever time of day they desire.

here can I find information about upcoming VUE events and does VUE sponsor events?

Please check our website and our Instagram, @vuedrink, to see the latest for VUE events.  VUE sponsors events for products and companies which align with the VUE values, lifestyle and portfolio of products.

When was VUE created?

We started VUE in 2018, and offically launched in 2020!

Where are the VUE headquarters?

Miami Beach, FL

What does VUE mean?

Whatever you want it to mean, as long as it's positive!!

Where can I buy VUE?

RIGHT HERE! You can also check our store locator for a list of retailers selling our products.