VUE is excited to launch Vitamin Teas in an eco-friendly aluminum bottle. VUE corporate core values reinforces the importance of Nurturing the Earth through sustainability efforts. We will invest in clean water and air projects, recycling initiatives and energy-efficient technology.

Consumers and corporations are becoming more aware of the environmental issues associated with plastic. Aluminum beverage bottles have emerged as a strong alternative for companies like VUE that want to enhance product sustainability without compromising the premium consumer experience.

VUE is using 100% infinitely recyclable materials and VUE bottles can be recycled over and over without loss of quality.


Sustainably marketed products are growing 5.6 times faster than conventionally marketed products.

A 2020 survey of consumers by the Boston Consulting Group, found that:

of consumers are less likely to buy products in packaging that is harmful to the environment.

of consumers surveyed said they are willing to pay at least 5% more for eco-friendly packaging and won’t buy products in harmful packaging.

of consumers said they would pay more for beverage products in sustainable packaging.

VUE believes in those values and are supporting global sustainability efforts.